Kalamata: always in summer

Kalamata is a modern coastal city, with an intense social and cultural life, which welcomes visitors throughout the year. Built at the foot of Taygetos, it combines sea and mountain.



Δυτική παραλία Καλαμάτας


The coastal zone of Kalamata will enchant you! Calm, clear waters and an organized beach along the town. Just a few meters away from KV Apartments we find the beach of Kordias. In the small cove you will find cafes and restaurants, as well as water sports.


The train park – an open-air museum – covers an area of 54 hectares and has been operating since 1986, also hosting cultural activities.

In addition to steam trains and wagons, fountains and ponds, there are fields, playgrounds, an outdoor amphitheater and a refreshment stand (in the old station hall).

Πάρκο ΟΣΕ Καλαμάτα

Κεντρική πλατεία Καλαμάτα


The central square of Kalamata, with several cafes and pastry shops.
The center of the city’s public life, it was formed in 1938, while its last reconstruction took place in the period 2012-13.

In its southern part there is a characteristic fountain, another fountain is at its northern end, while there are many flower beds and high greenery. The heart of the shopping center beats around her.


In the Historical Center of Kalamata you will find the 23rd of March Square.
It was named so in honor of the liberation of the city from the Turks, in 1821. The 23rd of March Square not only condenses the history, but all the energy of Kalamata. In the church of the Holy Apostles, in the center of the square, the declaration of the revolution was made, as well as the first liturgy to celebrate the liberation.

Around the square there are shops, cafes, bars and taverns.

Historical center Kalamata


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